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Prohibited and Unsuitable Items

Regrettably there are certain items we are unable to ship; this is because of legal and safety reasons, they are prohibited items or they are simply unsuitable. By using our services, you are confirming that your pallet(s) do not contain any items listed in the prohibited list we do hope that you understand and do not try to send any of the listed items. If we discover that your shipment contains an item listed in the prohibited items list, you agree that:

Prohibited Items List

The following prohibited items cannot be shipped because they may contain dangerous, hazardous materials, and items that are deemed dangerous and are a risk to people or environments.

Unsuitable Goods List

There are certain goods that we will ship, however, unfortunately, we are unable to offer insurance on them. Sending any of the below items will be at your own risk.

High-Risk Goods

The following items will not be insured for loss or damage. If you do ship these items, it is entirely at your own risk and they may be confiscated by Customs. If this is the case, they may not be returned.

The following items will not be insured for loss or damage and are therefore not suitable for any of the regular courier networks we work with. Businesses can ship bulky items with our two-man service.

Fragile and High-value Goods

The following items will not be insured for damage but can be insured for loss. They must be packaged in line with our guidelines. We recommend that expensive and valuable items, attractive to thieves, are camouflaged in their packaging to detract attention away from them.

Good’s that may leak– Safe Transportation

Goods that are susceptible to leakage can cause problems due to the risk of potential damage during transit, and there are certain items that cannot be shipped. The following items cannot be shipped. These items are a known risk for leakage or contamination to people, environments or other items in a shipment. Please ensure these items are not part of your shipment.