Engine Delivery and Collection Services

Engine pickup and delivery services across the UK. Send your engines and gearbox on pallet quickly and easily

Sending via Pallet is a cost effective method of sending engines and gearboxes across the UK

Engines and gearboxes are shipped across the country every day. Either by ebay sellers and professional rebuilding companies. The most reliable and cost effective courier method of an engine is via pallet. They are often heavy and bulky, particularly if attached to gearboxes. This means they need to utmost care when transporting them. There are a few rules that you must follow to ensure safe transportation.

Used engine collection guide details

You must take particular care when shipping engines. Rules and regulations must be adhered to to minimise problems. For example, all fluid must be drained from the engine/gearbox. Fluids can leak and contaminate other shipments or equipment and transportation. You also need to make sure to fasten the engine or gearbox securely. These safety guidelines are to prevent problems and should be strictly adhered to.

Examples of how to ship engines securely and safely via Pallet


  • Tied with rope is not a good way to secure an engine on the pallet. The rope can stretch, come loose, or a once secure knot may not be as secure once in transit. We do not recommend or accept rope tied engines


  • Engines strapped tightly to the pallet. Ideally should have rags/mats underneath, but it is drained and is a ‘clean’ engine, it is not wet with oil.
  • Plastic band strapped engine. 4 plastic straps done by machine and tight. Engine sits flat on pallet, no tyre needed.
  • Ideally should be sat on rags/mat, but not needed as engine is drained, and is very clean. Straps could benefit from protection, but if bands touch smooth areas then are ok.
Engine on Pallet ready to be delivered