Gearbox and Engine Delivery Via Pallet

Engine pickup and delivery services across the UK and Ireland. Send your engines and gearbox on a pallet quickly and easily.

two men standing over a pallet

Sending via Pallet is a cost effective method of sending engines and gearboxes across the UK

Engines and gearboxes are shipped across the country every day. Either by ebay sellers and professional rebuilding companies. The most reliable and cost effective courier method of an engine is via pallet. They are often heavy and bulky, particularly if attached to gearboxes. This means they need to utmost care when transporting them. There are a few rules that you must follow to ensure safe transportation.

Preparation and Collection Guidelines
The provided information outlines important guidelines and procedures for the cost-effective and safe shipment of engines and gearboxes.
This comprehensive guide emphasizes safety measures and adherence to guidelines must be adhered to

Fluid Drainage

  • Ensure all fluids are drained, and the driver must have access to the dipstick, with no oil showing
  • Use rags or oil-absorbent mats on the pallet to contain potential drips.

Pallet Preparation

  • Drain all engine fluids, place absorbent materials, protect sumps with a tire, and securely fasten the engine before arranging pickup.
  • Cover the pallet with rags or oil-resistant material to minimise potential drips.
  • If a prominent sump is present, stabilise the engine with an old tire underneath.

Secure Fastening

  • Fasten the engine securely to the pallet using ratchet straps or machine banding.
  • Steel or plastic banding is acceptable, and if using banding, place rags between the engine and strap to reduce the risk of breakage or sliding.

Good Examples

Engine strapped tightly to the pallet. Ideally should have rags/mats underneath, but it is drained and is a ‘clean’ engine, it is not wet with oil.

Engine on Pallet ready to be delivered

Drained, clean engine, on tyre, good pallet machine banded.

Engine on Pallet ready to be delivered
Engine on Pallet ready to be delivered

Pallet Inspection by the driver

  • The driver will check for the removal of fluids and secure fastening before accepting the shipment.
  • The driver can refuse collection if there are doubts about the security of the engine or if fluids are present.

Acceptable Fastening Methods

  • Only a ratchet strap or machine strap is acceptable for securing the engine.
  • Collection can be refused if any other method, such as rope or shrink wrap, is used.

Shrink Wrap Usage

  • Shrink wrap can be used over the ratchet or machine strap, but it must be see-through.
  • A hole in the shrink wrap should allow access to the engine's dipstick for oil-checking purposes.

Used engines are a particular risk in a pallet network. If the fluids are not drained, they can leak, contaminating other freight, trailer/truck beds and creating a slip hazard. If they are not securely fastened to the pallet, they detach and damage other freight, leak oil and become a contact hazard by falling from vehicles.

We all have a duty to ensure the consignment is secure and safe.