Sending Pallets to Amazon Fulfilment Centers

UK Pallets offer Amazon sellers a quick and efficient method to send your goods to Amazon Fulfilment Centers

UK Pallets provides a simple method of sending pallets to Amazon Fulfilment Centers.

Pallets are now booked differently into Amazon Fulfilment Centres. Only a Palletways delivery depot can make the booking.

  • You can no longer use Amazon’s CARP system to book in deliveries.
  • Amazon will only accept pallet deliveries if they are via the Palletways depot. You can do this through UK Pallets as we are an entry point to the network.
  • Signed or stamped proof of delivery (pod) is not accepted. Delivery is only confirmed as such when booked into their inventory system.
  • Amazon has requested that customers use the ASN number as the consignment number.

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Procedure for sending your Pallet to Amazon with UK Pallets

All Amazon deliveries will need to booked as an economy delivery. There is an extra charge for delivering to an Amazon Fulfilment Center. This is added to the price. Only the delivery depot’s can book the goods in.

Booking Instructions

  • Select Economy delivery.
  • In the notes field, the following information is required so that the depot can book the delivery in.

The following information must be entered onto the notes field it is required to enable the delivery depot’s to book your goods onto Amazon carp system:

  • Reference number – this can be an FBA, ARN, PRO, BOL or shipment ID number example FBA15C9LR19T
  • Purchase order number – example 7HRMPC8B
  • CRDD – Carrier required due date
  • Vendors name
  • Number of units
  • Number of cartons