Sending Pallets to Amazon Fulfilment Centers

UK Pallets offer Amazon sellers a quick and efficient method to send your goods to Amazon Fulfilment Centers

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To send pallets to Amazon Fulfilment Centres using UK Pallets, please note the following information:

Important Information for Amazon Deliveries

  • All Amazon deliveries must be booked as an economy delivery.
  • There's an additional charge for delivering to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre, which is included in the price. This is to cover the additional costs associated with the deliveries such as additional admin, out-of-hours deliveries and additional waiting time.
  • Delivery dates are a guide, the date goods will be delivered is dependent on Amazon providing a book in date and time. We cannot for this reason guarantee any delivery date
  • Any goods not for resale in Amazon, that are for equipment and supplies needed for Amazon to use directly must be noted in delivery restrictions as “Inventory Delivery not required to book in on carp”. Please note if the goods are not for Inventory stock and have been instructed as so they will be refused by Amazon and re-delivery costs will be incurred.
  • Pallets must be booked by the delivering transport company and not the customer. Amazon will not accept pallet deliveries unless they are via the carp system.

Booking Instructions:

  • Select "Economy delivery."
  • In the delivery restrictions field, include the following information so that the goods can be booked onto the Amazon carp system:
    • Reference number: This can be an FBA, ARN, PRO, BOL, or shipment ID number (e.g., FBA15C9LR19T).
    • Purchase order number: For example, 7HRMPC8B.
    • CRDD (Carrier Required Due Date)
    • Vendor's name
    • Number of units
    • Number of cartons

Delivery Confirmation:

  • Signed or stamped proof of delivery (POD) is not accepted by Amazon. Delivery is confirmed only when booked into their inventory system.

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