FAQ : Common questions about Pallt Delivery

There are a number of questions about how to send your goods via pallet delivery networks. We try to answer the most common ones below

two men standing over a pallet

Pallet Basics

A pallet is simple but very stable wooden slatted platform used to transport heavy or large goods. It is only a few inches high and is used a strong and sturdy base.

You may get one for free from local companies if you ask nicely. They are often discarded after use, so they might be happy to help.

You may only require a smaller pallet for your goods. We therefore offer differing sizes to keep costs down.

Pallets can be bigger than the standard dimensions quoted of 1m x 1.2m. If you wish to go over this, then you would need an oversized pallet.

The weight limit is the same as a full pallet. Please be aware that if you have asked us to supply the pallet, the goods will overhang the pallet as we cannot supply empty oversized pallets.

Pallet Restrictions

Anything you want can be sent by pallet. The exceptions are hazardous goods and used engines.

Yes, please see out prohibited items page for details.

Yes, you can send engines and gearboxes via pallet, but they must follow guidelines as outlined in Paragraph 223 of the Health and Safety Executive, Workplace Transport Safety Guide. For more information please see our engine page.

If fluids are not drained from engines or other parts these can leak during transportation. This can contaminate other freight, trailers and truck beds, but also creates a slip hazard for the courier.This risk will not be taken and you will be required to pay a surcharge for non-collection if your item contains oil and collection is therefore refused. Requirements for securing engines to vehicles is included in the terms of sale and you must click a button of acceptance to show that you have read these terms and accept them as part of your booking.


Miscellaneous Pallet Questions

The delivery will be insured in accordance with our terms and conditions of carriage. The limit of liability is restricted to a maximum of £5 per kilo. You can purchase a higher cover if required when booking.

Although 99% of deliveries are delivered on time, we may occasionally experience issues. We unfortunately cannot be held responsible for the late delivery of pallets. However, these are rare and we do everything we can to minimise this.

Collection and Delivery

The dimensions of the item you wish to transport and the approximate weight. You will also need the full collections and delivery address and telephone numbers for both collection and delivery points.

Yes, to enable you to use our services, the goods must be transported using a pallet.

Goods must be placed securely on the pallet using strapping or shrink wrap plastic film. See our pallet presentation guide for further details.

All collection and delivery vehicles will be equipped with hand pallet trucks and the vehicles are fitted with tail lifts. The driver will move the pallet onto the tail lift of the vehicle using the pallet truck and ensure the pallet is safely placed on the vehicle. The maximum weight the tail lift can carry is 1000kg.

The surface must be flat and constructed of either tarmac or concrete. Placing the pallet on gravel, grass or other soft or unstable ground prevents collection, as our hand held pallet lifter needs to be able to move easily across ground.

The price paid is for one collection / delivery attempt. An additional charge will be made if the pallet is not ready for pickup. Collections can be made any time from 9 am until 5.30 pm.

once your order is processed you will receive an email with your tracking number. Please note that no tracking information will be displayed until the goods have been collected and have been labelled. Until this point your order status will read ‘order processing’.

To prevent your pallet being stacked you will either need to create an uneven surface or use a palletcap which acts as a visible deterrent.