Delivering your pallet

Successful pallet delivery is dependant on requirements which need to be met by the recipient. Ensure your pallet gets there safely by following these guidelines

General information about the delivery of the pallet

Delivering goods on a pallet is very different from any other type of delivery you may receive. This includes parcels or packages. It takes more tools and equipment and does carry some risk to our drivers. As a consequence, we follow health & safety guidelines for the benefit of both drivers and customers. The ensures that you receive the highest quality service in the safest manner.

  • Pallet Deliveries can be kerbside only. We aim to deliver as close as possible to your requirements. We cannot carry over grass, unfinished areas, gravelsteep driveways. Delivery is at the discretion of the driver.
  • The hand pallet truck used in delivery can only go on flat surfaces such as tarmac and concrete.
  • ground locations only. We canno deliver up stairs or to 1st or 2nd floor levels
  • we cannot deliver your pallet up or on steep inclines
  • our drivers cannot enter your property, so can only leave the pallet outside
  • please do not assist the driver. Customers should not get too near to the pallet whilst it is being unloaded or delivered

Delivery requirements of the recipient

  • The person responsible for accepting and signing for the item(s) should examine the delivery to check for damage.
  • If any shortage or damages are found, mark the delivery note accordingly. Using the word “damaged” or “Shortage” or “Goods missing". The word “unchecked” or similar is not accepted as claused proof of delivery. The word “unchecked” or similar is not accepted as claused proof of delivery.
  • Insurance companies will not consider a claim for damage or loss if you mark as “clean” or “clear”.

Delivery Vehicle Information

  • Delivery is via an 18 Tonne vehicle with tail lift.
  • Unless otherwise specified, the delivery vehicle will be the size of a dustbin lorry.
    • Height: 3.4 Metres
    • Length: 13 Metres
    • Width: 2.8 Metres

Small vehicle dimensions (7.5tonne)

  • You can if needed request on the order form for a small vehicle. Please note that small vehicles may not have a tail lift, and unloading will be the responsibility of the customer.
    • Height: 3.4 Metres
    • Length: 7.5 Metres
    • Width: 2.8 Metres.

Notes about Tail lift delivery

  • For a tail lift delivery, the consignment must weigh no more than 1000KG. It must be be on a standard four-way pallet. Deliveries onto concrete or tarmac surface only, as the equipment will not function on loose surfaces..
  • Deliveries are as close to property as possible. Where access is restricted, delivery will be made to kerbside only.
kerbside pallet delivery
no steep inclines for pallet delivery
solid level surfaces only for pallet delivery
driver not permitted
pallet deliveries to ground level only
do not assist delivery driver