How to Package and present a pallet

There are certain requirements to be met when sending via pallet in order to achieve successful collection and delivery

two men standing over a pallet

Welcome to our guide on how to properly package and present your pallets for transportation. Ensuring your items are securely packaged and presented appropriately is crucial to their safe transit. Here are some important guidelines to follow:

Pallet Suitability

  • Use good quality pallets that are stable and undamaged. Your pallet will be handled between 6-8 times whilst travelling through the network
  • Ensure the pallet base is robust and suitable for the type of goods carried.
  • No missing boards or chocks are allowed.
  • Tail-lift deliveries require a 4-way entry pallet with a minimum of 100mm clearance for pallet truck entry.
  • Goods should not overhang the pallet base on any side.

Loading Items onto the Pallet Securely

  • Goods must be adequately secured to the pallet using high-quality banding/wrapping.
  • Secure goods firmly to the pallet base using shrink-wrap, fibre or steel banding, chains, or other appropriate means.
  • Fully wrap pallets for weather protection, especially if they might be delivered to an uncovered area.
  • Label half, quarter & micro pallets with "do not stack" if they cannot be stacked upon
  • Machinery should be crated, with engines drained and securely banded to the pallet. See Engine Shipping Guide for further information.

Stability Check

  • Perform a 'PUSH TEST' to ensure goods are stable on the pallet. If they move or topple, they are not safe for transit
  • Goods must not be top-heavy and should be stable enough for handling at least six to eight times.

Consignment Weight & Size

  • Declare an accurate consignment weight and size.
  • Standard Pallets should not exceed the standard size of 1000mm x 1200mm, and goods must not overhang the pallet edges.
  • Oversized pallets cannot exceed 1000mm x 2400mm, if a tail lift service is required maximum pallet size is reduced to 1000mm x 2000mm as larger pallets will not fit onto the tail lift.
  • Maximum weight is 1000 kgs per pallet for goods collected or delivered by Tail-lift.
  • Failure to declare the correct weight and size may result in delays, cancellation, or additional costs being incurred.

Packaging and Protection

  • Goods must be securely packaged and protected for transport prior to collection.
  • Individual items should have sufficient packaging, such as bubble wrap or cardboard, for protection.
  • We cannot package goods for transport, but we can supply a pallet and wrap provision service (for an additional cost) for you to place your goods onto a pallet.
  • The driver is unable to assist in securing items to the pallet. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure goods are packaged and secured correctly.
  • All pallets must be packaged well and presented to our driver in a condition suitable for road transportation.
  • Please note: If the item is deemed unfit or unsafe for transportation, the collection driver has the right to refuse to collect.
  • The driver's decision is final on the pallet’s suitability for transit.

Clear Labelling

  • Clearly mark pallets with relevant delivery address labels on at least two sides.
  • Include full details of the sender and delivery destination, along with any reference or contact details.
  • Utilise our Online Booking System to print pallet labels and securely attach them to your pallets.

Instant Pallet Delivery Quote

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your pallets are properly packaged and presented for safe and efficient transportation. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.