Pallet Insurance

Insurance for your pallet and contents is covered as standard by our service, however additional cover may be required where necessary

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Insurance claims for damaged and lost items

Insurance coverage: is provided subject to the RHA terms and conditions

What amount of money are my goods cover for?

They are Limited based on weight or Value: The insurance coverage is limited to the lesser of two amounts. £5 per KG or The value of the consignment at the time and place when it was accepted for carriage.

What happens if only part of my goods are damaged?

If only part of the consignment suffers loss or physical damage, the liability of the carrier (or party responsible for carriage) is limited to a proportion of the total value. This proportion is calculated based on the actual value of the damaged or lost part in relation to the total value of the entire consignment.

When should I Inform you of any damage or loss to my goods?

UK Pallets must be notified of your intent to claim within 7 working days of delivery date for damage or shortage of goods. You can do so by completing the details on our claim form: Insurance-form | UK Pallets.

Please contact us in writing at the earliest opportunity if you wish to report loss or damage. We will require the following information to log your intent to claim:

  • Name.
  • Email address.
  • UK Pallets reference number.
  • Date goods were collected.
  • Weight of damaged or missing goods.
  • Description of goods.
  • Where goods can be inspected.
  • Comments/circumstance of Damage/Loss.
  • Details of how goods were packaged.
  • The total cost price of goods.
  • The total cost price of damaged/missing goods.
  • Transport costs.

Please note claims may be rejected by the insurance company if the above timescales are not met.

Additional information

  • Claims received for damaged and lost goods would need to be while in transport and damage does not occur after delivery while unpacking the goods. All goods must be securely and safely packaged.
  • All claims where there is a clean Proof of Delivery may be rejected by the insurance company as any discrepancy for damages needs to be highlighted at the time of delivery. If the clean pod is disputed, we would need further evidence to prove damage occurred while in transport and while in our preferred supplier’s care.
  • For all claims, customers must make every effort to mitigate or salvage the loss.
  • The insurance company will defend/reject a claim if the packaging is insufficient for safe transit through the network.

What happens once you have my insurance claim form?

Once we receive your initial claim details, we will upload this to the insurance company's system on your behalf.

The insurance company will send an acknowledgement of the claim, and we will where possible request that you be copied into these emails. If not, UK Pallets will keep you informed of all correspondence. The insurance company will provide us with a unique reference for example UKGIT/01234/113.

What information is required to process a claim?

Once the claim has been submitted to the Insurance company, they may require supporting evidence and or documentation such as:

  • Details of mitigation/salvage or repair
  • Photographs
  • Evidence of cost price
  • Evidence of weight
  • Invoice for sale of goods

Please note claims cannot be settled without supporting documentation, if you are unable to provide a specific item requested, please let us know and we can support you to find an alternative solution.

What happens once a settlement figure has been confirmed by the Insurance company?

Once the claim has been processed and a claim settlement financial figure has been calculated we will send a form of discharge (offer of settlement). Which will explain the settlement figure the insurance company will settle the claim for. The form of discharge will also ask you to confirm your bank details.

If the amount is disputed, we must be notified ASAP with the details and any further evidence so we can appeal the claim calculation amount.

Please note your insurance settlement is calculated at a cover rate of either £5000 per ton (£5 per 1 KG) or cost price whichever amount is the lowest.

When will I get the Insurance settlement money paid?

The timing of an insurance settlement payout can vary widely based on several factors, and its typically determined by the specific circumstances of your claim and the policies and procedures of the insurance company involved. Here are some factors that can influence the timeline:

  • Type of claim: the complexity of the claim can impact the processing time. Simple claims may be resolved more quickly than complex ones.
  • Investigation: If the insurance company needs to investigate the claim further, it can add to the processing time. This may involve assessing damages, verifying details, and obtaining additional information.
  • Documentation: The speed at which you provide all the necessary documentation and information can affect the processing time. Ensuring that you promptly provide any requested information or documents to the insurance company.

Given that timing is largely dependent on these variables and the insurance company procedures, it’s advisable to maintain open communication with us, you can enquire about the status of your claim.

When the insurance company receives the completed form of discharge, they will request the funds be released to UK Pallets, once these funds have been received, we will then be able to process a payment to the bank details you have supplied on the form of discharge form.

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