UK Amazon Fulfillment Centre locations

We have gathered all Amazon Fulfillment Centre locations in the list below. We will update the list on a regular basis as we learn about new Amazon FBA addresses.

If you are looking to ship your products on pallets to an Amazon Fulfillment Center location, please note that you must first register for an Amazon Seller Account and create a Shipping Plan. Otherwise you will risk Amazon rejecting your shipment as it arrives at the Amazon FBA warehouse. To learn more about the process of shipping your products to an Amazon Fulfillment Center location, please visit our complete guide on the subject:

The Amazon warehouse addresses below include both Amazon’s own Fulfillment Center locations as well as forwarder operated warehouses that manage Amazon FBA products on behalf of Amazon.

Getting your products ready and shipped to an Amazon Fulfillment Center location can be a complicated process – especially if it is your first time. There are many different things to be aware of and strict requirements to be met.

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The following warehouses are as yet unconfirmed

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