Pallet Transport

UK Pallets offer a quick and easy Pallet Transport service across the UK. Quote and Book online for quick and easy processing


Looking to transport your pallets across the UK? UK Pallets offers a simple pallet delivery quote and book system to enable you to send your pallets to your customers. Whether sending an ebay package, amazon, or to one of your regular clients or customers. Our fast and secure pallet transport service is the ideal solution. We are partnered with Palletways, the UK's largest pallet delivery network, and offer a range of quick and easy pallet transport solutions. Whether you are shipping a one off consignment of numerous items, or something large and bulky such as an engine, our pallet transport services are for you.



Transporting pallets across the UK and Ireland

amazonWe find that most of our customers are looking to send a single pallet consignment. We do of course also have regular contracts with businesses and companies across the UK. Should you be a single order domestic customer or want to work with us on a contract basis, we are equipped to do both. 

Pallets are ideal for large or bulky items such as white goods, engines, heavy items, packaged goods or similar items. We also find the service is ideal for ebayers who went to transport their goods and products to the customer. We also deliver to amazon fulfilment centers