Ebay Pallet Courier

UK Pallets provides a way to send your large or bulky ebay items via pallet. Our network of courier services transport your items across the UK quickly and easily

When it comes to sending your items to buyers from ebay, you are often limited by size of the package when it comes to your courier options. Large items such as engines tend to be difficult or expensive to ship and deliver, especially as a one off sale. You can also encounter problems when trying to find bulk discounts. This is where shipping your goods via a pallet with UK Pallets can help.

Quick and easy prices

UK Pallets can send large or bulky items to your ebay buyers. With an instant quote and book system, you can get a quick price online in just a few easy steps. You simply make the booking, and pick your items up on your chosen day or next day. This ensures that they can be on their way to your buyers as soon as possible. Your items can go from an ebay sale to being deliverered within 2-3 days. 

This makes sending larger sale items to your buyers much easier. We are able to provide you with low cost courier services using our network of pallet companies. Or, if you a regular seller of large ebay items, we can provide you with discounts b asedon volume.

Instant Quote and book

It really is that simple to book a pallet collection online, which means our ebay pallet delivery is ideal for the home seller too. We can provide several options using our simple online booking system. We can supply a pallet if required, should you need one.

Our Pallet Courier Services have freed up some of the constraints of selling on ebay. You’ll be able to send your packages quicker and easier than ever before.

Instant Pallet Delivery Quote