How our pallet system works

Everything you need to know about the UK Pallets system, booking, collection, and delivery protocols

Sending your items via Pallet with UK Pallets Ltd

UK Pallets provides an ideal solution for one-off shipments of heavy, bulky, or multiple items which may not be practical or cost-effective to send as large parcels. Sending via pallet delivery is often the cheapest and quickest way to get these large items to your customers or clients.

Pallet Preparation Requirements

There are requirements that need to be met when packaging up your goods on a pallet ready for collection and delivery to your client or customer. We outline the rules and requirements that you need to meet in order for your delivery to be successful.

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Insurance Cover

Insurance coverage: is provided subject to the RHA terms and conditions

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Amazon Pallet Delivery to Amazon Fulfilment Centers

UK Pallets provides an efficient, cost effective method of sending your products into Amazon Fulfilment Centers for FBA inventory

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Delivering your Pallet 

Pallet Delivery has some specific requirements which parcel delivery does not. Please see our guide on how we deliver pallets to you or your customers, and requirements which are needed.

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Prohibited and unsuitable items that cannot be sent via pallet

Pallet Delivery is suitable for most items, but some cannot be sent due to safety or hazardous items reasons. We outline what you can and cannot send via pallet

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Engine Delivery via Pallet

Shipping an engine via pallet is one of the most cost effective ways to send it. You can also send gearboxes, axels, and other vehivle parts. however, there are some guidelines to follow.

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