Kingscote Rojay Limited (KRL)

About KRL

For more than 25 years, KRL been providing multi-modal and logistics services to clients importing and exporting goods across the borders of the UK and Ireland.

We have steadily built up an extensive network of partners at over 400 facilities and 13,000 locations across the world that work with us to make timely and cost-efficient delivery, collection, and transfer of cargo.

Our logistics teams are highly experienced and knowledgeable in charting transport arrangements for different types of cargo that require the application of different forms of transport modes.

Whether project or routine, every job is tackled diligently to ensure our clients are getting the best value for their money. Not only have we integrated our systems with UK customs for faster clearance, but we also help to facilitate the processing by offering guidance on document preparation and submission.

Our REDS online portal offers our clients easy access to real-time updates on the progress of their shipments and condition of warehoused consignments. This superior tracking capability has helped build trust and allowed for monitoring that keeps us accountable.

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Within the borders of the UK and Ireland, we operate 10 hubs and a modern road haulage fleet. This allows us to easily facilitate the pick-up and delivery of consignments to client premises or our hubs, as desired. We also offer warehousing facilities, custom packing, and pick and pack services. These value-added services help us to better support our supply chain solutions.

We are continually updating our service range and technologies to keep up with the ever-evolving local and global demands that our clients must meet. We have earned memberships and made partnerships with various organisations in the worldwide logistics industry to ensure the highest standard of service delivery to our clients.