See Brexit info. SeeBrexit Requirementsfor further details...

Brexit Requirements


What does this mean?

  1. You will need to declare additional information for all goods shipped between UK and European Union.
  2. Every item will need to be declared accurately.
  3. Compliance is key and you are responsible for the information you provide to customs.
  4. You will be required to retain records for all goods moved for 6 years.

What happens if no information is provided –or not provided at all?

  • Your pallets will not be able to be despatched until customs have cleared the shipment allowing it to leave the UK.
  • Border control may decide to check your shipment which may also incur fines increasing your costs.

To minimise any delays Palletways will perform a number of checks to ensure you have provided all relevant information prior to the pallets leaving your facility.

In order to import or export goods after 1st Jan 2021, you will need:

A registered EORI number

  • You can register by clicking here

Commodity codes

  • Look up your relevant codes here

Export licenses for any goods that require one

Direct Representation

You will need to have completed a Direct Representation form to allow our customs agent Transland to act on your behalf. Any business importing or exporting freight across the UK/EU border requires you to appoint a customs clearance agent. You MUST use our export customs partner, Transland International. For them to act on your behalf, you must complete a Customs Clearance Agent form (pictured above). This is available here. Your consignments cannot be shipped unless you approve someone to act on your behalf as your Direct Representative using this form. 

Please download the agent authority form below:

Transland Customs Clearance Agent Authorisation Form GB

Complete and email to:

Commercial Invoice to include the following

  • Commodity Code
  • Customs Procedure Code
  • Goods Description
  • Goods Value
  • Quantity
  • Weight per commodity
  • Country of Origin
  • Licence where applicable
  • Incoterms

Imports to include the following

  • EORI Number
  • Duty Deferment Account
  • You will need to have completed a Direct Representation form to allow our customs agent, Transland, to act on your behalf
  • You need to inform HMRC that Transland can use your Duty Deferment Account